An Introduction to Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Traditional Overlay Doors

The most common style of kitchen cabinets is traditional overlays, sometimes called partial or standard overlay. These are the most affordable cabinets, but they also have aesthetic appeal. These doors and drawers are mounted on the face of the cabinet box, covering only part of the frame. The doors and drawers are smaller than other styles, making them less expensive but also offering slightly less storage space. They’re a great option for rental properties and first-time homeowners.

Expect to spend: $

Full Overlay Doors

For a more custom look, homeowners should consider full overlay doors that cover almost the entire cabinet face. These offer more storage space, but they’re a little more expensive than traditional overlay doors because they’re larger. Many homeowners find that their smooth, contemporary look is worth the additional cost.

Expect to spend: $$

Slab/Flat Panel Doors

Slab, or flat panel doors, sit completely flat against the cabinet frame, without being raised or recessed. The fronts are made of one simple slab of wood, often either real hardwood or quality engineered wood. They require a precise manufacturing process to avoid warping, bending, and other errors. This, in addition to the higher quality materials, contributes to their higher cost. The simple design fits well with homeowners looking for a modern or contemporary kitchen.

Expect to spend: $$$

Inset Doors

Inset cabinet doors are the most unique style, but they’re also the priciest option. With this style, the cabinet drawers and doors fit flush with the cabinet face frame openings. They use revealed or concealed hinges with door stops inside the cabinet boxes. These cabinets are made of heavier materials and require the most attention to detail in craftsmanship, resulting in high quality and a distinct, beautiful look.

Expect to spend: $$$$

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