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Finance Your Next Home Project with Four Points Remodeling!

At Four Points Remodeling, we provide customized financial solutions so you can get the funding you need for your next home improvement project.

Perks of Working With Our Financial Partners

Worried about financing your next home improvement? Four Points Remodeling works with financial providers who offer flexible options to ensure you’re able to secure the funds you need for your home.

Our team will work with you to get the best rate for your home improvement project. Call us today to speak with one of our sales representatives for more details.

Simple Application Process

Applying for financing is quick and easy. Connect with one of our team members who will assist you in filling out an online application form.

Flexible Loan Terms Up to 18 Months

With our finance offerings you have the flexibility of loan terms that work with your budget.

Monthly Payments as low as $99

Monthly payments are affordable and dependent on your loan amount and budget.

Four Points Financing Options

We offer a variety of financing options for homeowners. Call us today to discuss more details.

Competitive Interest Rates

With our low-interest loan options, you can finance your project at a competitive interest rate. Our team will work with you to find the best loan terms that suit your needs and budget.

Monthly Payment Plan

We provide several monthly payment options starting as low as $99.

After Levar's Kitchen

Our Financing Process

1. Consultation

One of our sales representatives will discuss your home project with you and provide a quote.

2. Explore Options

Your sales representative will talk through financing options depending on your budget and job scope.

3. Loan Application

Your sales representative will help with your loan application. You’ll get a soft credit pull, meaning it won’t affect your credit score. Within a few days, you can expect to hear back on your loan application for approval of funds.

4. Project Installation

Once funds are approved, our home improvement project begins with our expert team!

5. Project Completion and Quality Assurance

We’ll make sure everything is completed to satisfactory – all that’s left is to enjoy your new home revamp!

After Levar's Kitchen

Explore Your Options

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