Kitchen Renovation Tips for Large Families

Because eating is such a communal activity, the kitchen is where many families spend most of their time together. The kitchen has to work for the family, both practically and aesthetically. This can be a challenge for large families because most kitchens aren’t designed to accommodate groups of seven, eight, or nine people. However, these kitchen renovation tips can help any family turn their kitchen into a beautiful, workable space.

Install an Island

Perhaps the most family-friendly improvement that can be made in the kitchen is the addition of an island. An island serves two purposes by providing another surface for preparing food and extra seating to accommodate people who can’t fit at the table. Cabinets can also be added to an island for additional storage space.

Play With Height

When renovating their kitchens, families may want to have a few countertops that are accessible to children who are old enough to make simple snacks for themselves and their younger siblings. Once the children outgrow the lowered spaces, they can be used as makeshift tables or coffee bars.

Safety First

The kitchen is one of the most hazardous areas of the home. It’s filled with sharp objects, large appliances, and hot surfaces. Safety should always be the first consideration for kitchen installations for families with numerous children. Choosing countertops with rounded corners can help prevent painful bumps and bruises. It’s also helpful to install safety locks on cabinets and drawers that children can reach. Slow-close hinges add another level of protection to prevent tiny fingers from getting hurt by cabinet doors. As most parents know, if kids can find it, they will get into it. So it’s important to make the kitchen as safe as possible for the youngest members of the family.

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