Three Ways to Use Shelves to Organize Any Bathroom

Consider Open Shelves

It started in the kitchen, with designers displaying pretty dishes, glassware, and trinkets on open shelves as a minimalist alternative to cabinets. The design statement soon turned into a trendy way to make the most of wall space in the bathroom. Open shelves work in bathrooms of all sizes and can be installed anywhere: over toilets, above or below mirrors, as alternatives to vanities, and more. Nearly any shelving material works, so homeowners can easily undertake this project without a full bathroom redesign. But open shelves can easily become cluttered, so they’re best suited for the minimalists out there.

Get Creative

There are plenty of attractive shelving solutions for those dealing with clutter, including store-bought items. That doesn’t mean ugly plastic drawers; a ladder shelf, for example, is a functional yet stylish place to store towels, toiletries, and tasteful accessories in attractive baskets and containers. Store-bought drawer organizers and revolving trays can help with storage and organization out-of-sight, too. It’s easy to find chic, practical ways to avoid cluttered shelves and cabinets by thinking outside the box.

Take Advantage of Recessed Spaces

Recessed spaces don’t have to be wasted – they make the perfect place for built-in shelving units! Shelves can easily be installed in any small nook and cranny, which may be obvious or hidden behind drywall. Alternatively, built-ins can be created during a bathroom installation by adjusting the size of the shower. A remodeling company can help homeowners find shelving solutions based on their existing bathroom design.

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