Tips for Seamlessly Incorporating Appliances Into Your Kitchen Design

Install an Island

A kitchen island is a great way to free up space for those appliances that are used every day like the microwave and coffee maker. In addition to being a place where appliances can live, an island can also be kept entirely clear for food prep. This way, there’s no competing for space on countertops when trying to chop and prep for meals. Either way, islands spread out the clutter and make the kitchen seem more spacious. When designing an island, be sure to request that electrical outlets are numerous and easy to reach.

An Appliance Garage

From blenders and magic bullets to bread makers and pressure cookers, it’s great to experiment with all the fun kitchen toys out there. Chances are, however, that they won’t all be in use at the same time. A good design solution can be having one large cabinet or drawer somewhere out of the way, like above the refrigerator, that houses all these appliances. They can be pulled out and used as needed and put back in their mini-garage afterward. This helps keep the design of the kitchen clean and simple.

In-Drawer Outlets

One thing that many companies offering kitchen design services have started popularizing is the use of outlets inside pull-out drawers or cabinets. This allows things to be plugged in and in use without taking up space on the countertop. Having an outlet inside a drawer is especially useful for charging devices like cellphones, iPads, etc., without leaving them lying out.

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