Which Bathroom Finish Is Right For Your Project?

Chrome Finishes

Chrome bathroom remodel finishes tend to be more popular due to their affordability and sleek look. This finish is available in many options for bathroom appliances and is also very durable. Routine cleaning is a must for chrome finishes, as this material can easily pick up fingerprints and water spots with frequent use. Using household cleaning products or wiping down the surfaces with a clean towel will do the trick to keep your surfaces clean and glowing.

Polished, Satin, and Brushed Nickel Finishes

Nickel finishes come in three different styles, so you have plenty to choose from if you’re designing a new bathroom. Polished nickel is the most expensive out of the three, looking very similar to chrome. Satin and brushed nickel finishes are quite similar in style; however, brushed nickel finishes have brush marks going in the same direction on the surface. Satin finishes are created with a particular treatment process to achieve a subtle, muted look.


Copper finishes, unlike others, have natural antibacterial properties that help keep the surface clean from wear and tear. These natural healing properties help scratches fade over time with no additional maintenance required from the homeowner. Copper also boasts a luxurious look and complements marble and granite surfaces.

Brass Finishes

Brass finishes easily align with a vintage aesthetic due to its classical look, with both polished and satin options. With gold’s rising popularity, brass is the cheaper option that can still successfully elevate an ornate design. Although it’s more expensive than other common finishes, both polished finishes and satin finishes are very easy to keep clean and are durable, making this a great option for homes with young children.

Mixed Metals

As more bathroom remodel finishes rise in popularity, it’s no surprise that a newer trend seen now is mixing metals. Sticking with neutral finishes such as chrome and white or brushed nickel and bronze can offer a space more dimension and personality.

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